April Fools Is a Dynamic Day Of Laughter

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Well, Justin Bieber’s hero did seem to have a death scare in the wee morning hours of April Fools Day, as the search was on to see if he used one of his nine lives (maybe he didn’t visit Bieber or Die, so he actually did die?). Whether he used one his lives or not, Chuck Norris seems to be fine now (even if he is having to face off with Justin Bieber and a bear for April Fools Day). So with LOL cats, bears, and Chuck Norris, oh my! Is the best best style blogs of 2010 Bieber or Die?

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viral marketing nepal are always fun, but phone pranks have come a long way since the days of calling up an unsuspecting person to ask if their refrigerator is running. Phone pranks and phony phone calls have met the age of technology. Now people can play April Fools Day phone pranks that will leave their victims in an uproar and never able to fully figure out if the call was a prank from someone they know, or just a call from a nutcase who happened to dial the wrong number.

A fake scratch-off ticket looks just like the real thing, and when your victim removes the scratch-off circles, the ticket appears to be a big winner. However, when your victim looks closely at their “gift,” she will find that it is completely fake. Better luck next time!

top 10 fashion blogs the most popular fashion blogs Something as simple as changing the language of your co-workers computer, especially one who is not as computer savvy as the rest of you, is bound to get you some good laughs.

This next one isn’t really a gag gift for a pet but it is a gift that can and should be given to your pet on blog money or any other holiday. Orbee-Tuff? Veggie and Fruit dog toys. These dog toys are super tough so are not easily destroyed. These dog toys come with a minty fresh flavor for fresh breath and each toy has been created with a treat spot to stuff healthy treats and spreads so they will get the healthy fruits and vegetables they need. These toys are non-toxic, extremely durable, recyclable and rinses clean for reuse. These toys are a fun way to give your pet the nutrition he or she needs while they enjoy the minty fresh flavor when chewing.

YouTube was an eight-year long contest, simply to find the best video in the world and now that it’s almost over, the website will stop taking video submissions on April 2, at midnight and close down forever, is the announcement today.

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